This Course if for YOU If...

  • You have mom-guilt for being on your phone all the time to build your business.

  • You feel like you know WHAT to do, you just can't figure out why you're just not doing it.

  • You have big dreams, you see others getting the results you want, but you aren't seeing your work pay off.

  • You're always consuming training, but haven't actually seen your business grow.

  • You're tired of feeling lost, and you're ready to stop making excuses and start making money!

  • You want to finally build a business that brings real freedom to your family.

Here's What You'll Learn

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • How to use this course

    • Exclusive Facebook Student Community

    • Know the Future Before You Plan It

  • 2

    Rock Your Priorities: How to Have Time for Family and Business

    • Rock Your Priorities Intro

    • Time is Money

    • Where is Time Best Spent?

    • How to Fit It All In

    • Time Blocking in Action

    • The Key to Self-Motivation

  • 3

    The Daily Dose: Daily, Weekly, Monthly Planning Maps to Guarantee Success

    • Intro to The Daily Dose

    • Find Your Way to Success with the GPS (Goals, Priorities, Strategies)

    • How to Get Where You Want to Go: Goal Setting to the Now

    • Rhythm for Winners (Focus Blocks, Days and Planning Retreats)

    • SEED Sessions

  • 4

    Crush Your Content: The Simple Secrets to Create and Engage the Masses

    • Intro to Crushing Your Content

    • Secret 1: Know Your Person

    • Secret 2: Focus on Benefits

    • Secret 3: Drop Value Bombs

    • Secret 4: Repurpose + Recycle

    • Engagement Strategies that Work

  • 5

    Unignorable You: How to Help Your Future Rockstars Find You

    • Intro to Unignorable You

    • Be the Rockstar

    • No More Camo

    • Let's Get Real

    • Find Your Stages

    • Elevate Your Circle

  • 6

    You Multiplied: How to Clone Yourself and Make Your Moves Count

    • Intro to You Multiplied

    • Automation

    • Project Broadcast

    • Group Leads

    • Ease of Onboarding

    • Less You, More Tools

    • Outsourcing

    • Leverage

    • Tracker Essentials

  • 7

    BONUS Module: Get Your Money Right

    • Money Mindset Principles

    • Money Lessons Learned

    • Profit From the Start

    • Tell Your Money Where To Go

    • Your Financial Plan

    • Your Financial Team

Are you Ready?

It's time for the mindset, tools and skillset to build the network marketing business of your dreams.

What you DON'T know is costing you money. Invest in your learning and growth today.


Consultant + Trainer

Wendy Lee Stephenson

Wendy is a busy mom of 7 that has built two successful network marketing businesses. Her teams have generated over $10 million in sales over the last several years. She specializes in helping women expand their influence and impact with authenticity and simplicity to grow a successful and thriving online business.