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Wendy Lee Stephenson is a busy mom to 7 and has a 21-year career in sales and marketing. In 2014, she left her corporate position to grow her online business. Her teams have generated over $10M in sales in the network marketing industry, and in 2020 she launched her online coaching and training business. She specializes in helping women expand their influence and impact with authenticity and simplicity to grow a successful and thriving online business.

3 Foundations of Social Media Marketing

  • Identify

    Identify your Ideal Client (Customer Avatar), identify their pain points, and identify where they're hanging out online. What accounts are they following? Where are they shopping? What groups or hashtags are they associated with?

  • Influence

    Influence your ideal client with posts on your social media that speak to their pain points. When you find your ideal client on social, you want them to immediately connect with your content, and feel like you can provide solutions for them.

  • Interact

    Interact via messenger and DMs. Compliment them. Demonstrate that you've viewed their content and end with open-ended questions that create conversation to help uncover their pain-points.

What are Client Saying?

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Mastermind Client

Tracy Hinkkanen

Working with Wendy has been like breath of fresh air. Each week she meets me where I'm at and guides me through whatever dilemma I may be facing that is preventing me from growing my business. She has helped me realize what I am good at and why it will help me in my business while keeping me focused on my money making activities. Wendy is gifted in fine-tuning and she has helped me create a brand and mission I am excited about and proud of. She is incredibly relatable, raw and yet respectful. I can't tell you how thankful I am I hired this lady!!

Coaching Client

Pam Kavali

As I affectionately call her, WLS has helped me move my home-based business to a successful, thriving online business. She has provided me with simple systems and strategies that have streamlined my life! After working with Wendy, I have increased my income, received many prizes, and recently earned my very first career car. Absolutely 100% could not have accomplished this without her courses.

Student + Client

Lori Mayton

Social Marketing Pro is such a phenomenal course that covers every aspect of your social marketing business. I’m having leads come to me! It has helped me with closing and to handle any objections successfully. I was over thinking a lot and she has helped to simplify it all in this one course.

Social Marketing Pro Student

Amy Elizabeth

When I heard about this course, I immediately knew I needed it and I knew Wendy could help me put this together in a way that would propel my business forward. After taking this course, I now know exactly what I should be doing and when. She takes the guesswork out of online marketing and helps you move forward with absolute confidence in knowing what to do and how to do it! I can not recommend this course and Wendy’s trainings enough!

Wendy has been featured on Yahoo! Finance as one of the Top Ten Social Media Experts to Watch Out for In 2021, and her story was featured in Ray + Jessica Higdon's Top-Selling Book, Time Money Freedom.

She has also been a guest on several podcasts. 

Wendy is also a Brand Ambassador for Teametrix, helping network marketers reduce overwhelm in prospecting, marketing, and follow-up. 

You can also find Wendy's music on any streaming or downloadable music service. Her EP is called All Things Good